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Puzzle and Logical mobile games

This is the database of Puzzle and Logical mobile games mobile games – Java games and Symbian games on mobile phones. We try to maximize the possibilities for mobile phones and create standards.

Game name Game developer Launch date
Qix Taito 2008-10
Rubiks Selection Disney Mobile Studios 2008-10
Mystic Megs Magic Numbers AMA 2008-10
Mystic Meg’s Magic Numbers AMA 2008-10
Neutron-X Herocraft 2008-10
Tetris Pop EA Mobile 2008-10
Balls ‘n’ Walls MLiven 2008-10
Super Boom Boom 2: Space Adventure Gamevil 2008-10
Samurai Puzzle Battle Vivid Games 2008-10
Mind Games 2 – Sudoku Training Mayhem Studio 2008-10
Pat a Mat Nostromo 2008-10
Enigmo [iPhone] Pangea Software 2008-01
Peggle Mobile PopCap Games 2008-10
Pass the Pigs THQ Wireless 2008-09
Backgammon Classics Gameloft 2008-09
Are You Smarter than a 10 Year Old? 2nd Series Capcom 2008-09
Chess Classics Gameloft 2008-07
Platinum Sudoku Gameloft 2008-07
Minesweeper EA Mobile 2008-09
4 In A Wheel HandyGames 2008-08
Wall-E THQ Wireless 2008-06
Bridge Bloxx HandyGames 2008-06
Block Breaker Deluxe 2 Gameloft 2008-04
Lego Bionicle Defenders Disney Mobile Studios 2008-04
CSI: Las Vegas Gameloft 2008-02
7 Wonders Mr. Goodliving 2008-01
Stones of Khufu Mr. Goodliving 2008-01
LUXOR 2 Mr. Goodliving 2008-01
Diamond Detective Mr. Goodliving 2008-01
Super Collapse! Mr. Goodliving 2008-01
The Incredible Machine Vivendi Games Mobile 2008-01
Brain Juice Energy Digital Chocolate 2008-01
LEGO Escape EA Mobile 2008-01
Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 3rd Edition Glu 2008-01
Brain Shock Vivendi Games Mobile 2008-01
Everyday English Trainer Gameloft 2007-10
Common Knowledge Quiz Gameloft 2007-10
CSI: Miami Gameloft 2007-11
Piškvorky Inlogic
Cubrix Color Puzzle Xendex
Puzzle Mania Xendex
Antivirus Eidos
Choc-o-Bloc Eidos
Rotobotix Eidos
PassBall Eidos
Bomber Mine Funmobile
Lines Digiment
BoxIt Digiment
Guinness World Records I-Play
Hot Blocks Duel Geewa
IQ Cards Duel Geewa
Pexeso Duel Geewa
Puzzle Duel Geewa
Haunted Halloween Tetrix Funmobile
Sim Town Funmobile
Sudoku BP BreakPoint
Harem Monkey BreakPoint
Pixudoku I-Play
Dama Geewa
Lode Geewa
Piskvorky Geewa
Prsi Geewa
Sachy Geewa
Sudoku Duel Geewa
MahJong Quest I-Play
Sudoku by Jumbo Lunagames
The Da Vinci Code – Light Puzzle I-Play
Rotate It IG Fun
Spellboys HandyGames
3D Mah Jongg IG Fun
Kakuro BreakPoint
SuperDoku Finesse Mobile
Memory – Football HandyGames
Soccer Puzzle HandyGames
Poopsy Memory HandyGames
Navy Challenge Vivendi Games Mobile
Ballooney Ojom
Seabattle ExitGames
Dr Simons BrainTrainer HandyGames
Sudotrix Lunagames
Classic Memory HandyGames
Christmas Poker Deluxe IG Fun
Snowdoku IG Fun
Mobile Brain Trainer Kitmaker
Chess Buddy HG HandyGames
3D Battle Chess IG Fun
Slide-a-lama Redboss Games