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mgXML for media partners

Here are the mgXML definitions.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MobileGameDB version="0.1">
	<name lang="all">Slide-a-lama</name>
	<developer>Redboss Games</developer>
    <description lang="cs">Proste slide-a-lama</description>
    <category lang="en">Arcade</category>
        <feature name="Higuhscore upload" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Highscore download" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Level download" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Level upload" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Multiplayer" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Multiplayer GPRS" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Play online" value="yes"/>

         <screenshot type="splash" width="128" height="128" url="http://" lang="cs" />
         <screenshot type="menu" width="128" height="128" url="http://" lang="cs" />
         <screenshot type="game" width="128" height="128" url="http://" lang="cs" />

         <link type="review" url="http://" lang="en" />

        <group name="nokie">
         <phone vendor="Nokia" model="6230i"/>
         <phone vendor="Nokia" model="6230i"/>
         <phone vendor="Nokia" model="6230i"/>
         <phone vendor="Nokia" model="6230i"/>

    <channel name="InMobil" url="http://" lang="cs" country="CZ" price="79" currency="CZK" type="agregator" />
        lang: ISO 639
        country: ISO 3166
        currency: ISO 4217
		<review url="http://read.the/article" />
		<rating type="sound" valueType="percent" value="50" />
		<rating type="graphics" valueTtype="decimal"  value="5" />
		<award name="" type="" url="" />


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