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Java Supported Mobile Games from Activision

Activision is one of the bigest creator of java online mobile games in the world. Found in 1979 in USA from former Atari employees. Right now the company counts around 5000 emplyees and is one of the leaders in the field of java based games for mobile. Are you a fan of Activision-Blizzards’s game Hearthstone? Then you probably regularly follow their e-sports tournaments. Now you can place bets on your favorite players, just like you can when watching any sports competition. We are sure that this 70€ free cash bonus will be of use to you next time you want to place a wager.


Official name: Activision
Country: U.S.A.

Java Based games for mobile from Activision

  • Tony Hawks: Proving Ground

Activision mobile games

Mobile games by Activision

Tony Hawks: Proving Ground

Full list of Activision games available in the list of Java games on the upper side of this page.

Activision awards

Tony Hawks: Proving Ground , …

Shrek The Third, …

Activision latest mobile game reviews

Game sums

Year Average rating
2008 84%
2007 70%
2006 78%
2005 70%
2004 25%

Game reviews

Game name Date Rating Source and link
Tony Hawks: Proving Ground 2008-09-14 84% ProjectNext
Guitar Hero III 2008-06-30 83% MobileGameFaqs
Shrek The Third 2007-07-13 70% PocketGamer
Tony Hawk’s Project 8 2007-05-01 60% Midlet-review
Call of Duty 3 2007-01-18 80% Midlet-review
Tony Hawk’s Project 8 2006-12-14 78% MobileGameFaqs
X-Men Legends 2005-04-18 70% WGWorld
Bounce 2004-01-01 25% MobileGameFaqs

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