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Disney Mobile Studios

Disney Mobile Studios




Contact information

Official name: Disney Mobile Studios
Former name: Living Mobile
Country: Germany

Java games from Disney Mobile Studios

  • Lego Bionicle Defenders
  • The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian
  • Pure
  • Toy Story Mania
  • Wizards
  • Ape Escape M
  • Rubiks Selection

Disney Mobile Studios mobile games

Mobile games by Disney Mobile Studios

Lego Bionicle Defenders

The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian


Full list of Disney Mobile Studios games available in the list of Java games on the upper side of this page.

Disney Mobile Studios awards

Disney’s PK: Phantom Duck , …

Disney Snow Sports, …

PocketGamer Award
Disney Alice in Wonderland, Everybody’s Golf Mobile, Bolt, Disney Board Games Master, High School Musical 3: Senior Year, Wizards of Mickey, Disney Solitaire Master, Einstein’s Brain Game, The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Disney Mobile Studios Enchanted, Bomberman, Disney Dogs, Jump: Free Running, LEGO Bionicle Challenge, LEGO Bionicle Challenge, Bonk’s Return, Rubik’s Numbolution, Power Rangers Mystic Force, Donald Duck’s Quest 2, Autobahn Racer: World Challenge, Super Bomberman, …

3D Othello Deluxe, Tinker Bell Puzzle, Rubik’s Selection, Pirates of the Caribbean Poker, Fort Apocalypse, LEGO Bionicle Defenders, Honeycomb Beat , Spectrobes Mobile, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, Duckburg P.D. – Donald on Duty, Autobahn Racer: Police Madness, Scarface: The Rise of Tony Montana, 3D Bomberman, Tamagotchi Soccer, Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, Muppets Dance Party, Bomberman 03, Donald Duck’s Quest, …

3D Bomberman Atomic (87%), Einstein Games: Mind Twister (85%), Disney’s Wizards (85%), Pure (86%), Ape Escape Mobile (87%), Einstein’s Brain Game (86%), Pirates Poker (87%), Fort Apocalypse (85%), Lego Bionicle Defenders (85%), Bomberman (91%), Disney Dogs (86%), Donald Duck’s Traffic Chaos (86%), Donald Duck’s Quest 2 (87%), Disneys 3 in 1 Puzzle Pack (86%), Donald Duck’s Quest (85%), …


Duckburg PD: Donald on Duty, Donald Duck’s Quest 2, …
Einstein’s Brain Training, Letopisy Narnie: Princ Kaspian, …


Disney Mobile Studios latest mobile game reviews

Game sums

Year Average rating
2008 74%
2007 73%
2006 68%
2005 75%
2004 69%
2003 60%

Game reviews

Game name Date Rating Source and link
Toy Story 3: Woody’s Wild Ride 2010-08-06 50% PocketGamer
Split/Second: Velocity 2010-06-01 50% PocketGamer
Disney Alice in Wonderland 2010-04-20 50% PocketGamer
Disney Sudoku Master 2010-02-19 70% PocketGamer
Wizards Phantom Bonus Selection 2009-10-27 70% PocketGamer
Haunted Mansion: Ball Blast 2009-10-09 50% PocketGamer
G-Force 2009-09-06 50% PocketGamer
Disneyland Kart Racer 2009-05-11 60% PocketGamer
Disney Sudoku Master 2009-05-07 78% AirGamer
Blocspin 360 2009-05-05 81% AirGamer
Hannah Montana: Secret Star 2009-05-01 70% PocketGamer
Blocspin 360 2009-04-27 80% PocketGamer
Everybody’s Golf Mobile 2009-04-27 70% PocketGamer
Winter Bonus Selection (Disney Snow Sports and Disney Winter Fun) 2009-04-21 70% PocketGamer
Bolt 2009-03-24 70% PocketGamer

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