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Digital Chocolate – Java Supported Mobile Games Database

Digital Chocolate Inc. was a finland creator for java games and apps for mobile. Found in 2003 by Trip Hawkins, same person that found Electronic Arts. Digital Chocolate was mainly oriented to create java supported mobile games database for Symbian OS and Windows Mobile. The company was shut down in 2011 when Android and iOS started to take the cellphone market. But, don’t forget about HTML 5 because Java games will be shut down very soon and all we will have left is the other type of online games. You can play these games in the form of slots and its working very smoothly.

Java games from Digital Chocolate

  • Beach MiniGolf 3D
  • Johnny Crash Does Texas
  • Street Soccer 2
  • Table Football
  • McLaren Mercedes Team Racing
  • Pyramid Bloxx
  • Beach MiniGolf 3D
  • Brain Juice Energy
  • Extreme Air Snowboarding
  • Extreme Air Snowboarding 3D
  • Mini Golf – Castles
  • Mini Golf – Castles 3D
  • Tornado Mania
  • Scarlottis Mafia Wars 2
  • Cafe Games: Hangman
  • American Pie: Nackte Jagd
  • Stunt Car Racing: 99 Tracks
  • Cafe Memory Match
  • Ava-Peeps: Flirt Nation
  • Foto Quest Bikini
  • Party Pool 2 in 1
  • Moto Racing Fever
  • Brick Breaker Revolution 3D
  • Ghost Train Ride

Digital Chocolate mobile games

Mobile games by Digital Chocolate

Beach MiniGolf 3D

Johnny Crash Does Texas

Street Soccer 2

Full list of Digital Chocolate games available in the list of Java games on the upper side of this page

Digital Chocolate awards

Tower Bloxx Deluxe, …

20Q: Mind Reader , …

Rollercoaster Revolution: 99 Tracks, Party Island: Bowling 2-in-1, Cafe Memory Match, Brain Juice, …

Tower Bloxx: My City, Pirate Ship Battles, Mini Golf 99 Holes: Theme Park, High School Party, Hangman 1001: Fashion Edition, Shopping Madness, 20Q Mind Reader, Cafe Sea Battle, Mini Golf Magic, Cafe Hearts, Mini Golf: 99 Holes, Hot Balloon Race, Kamikaze Robots, Cafe Hold ‘Em Poker, Brick Breaker Revolution, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team Racing, Brain Juice Energy, Mafia Wars Yakuza, Absolute Minesweeper, Funky Ducky, Beach Ping Pong, Street Soccer 2, …

3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2, Crazy Penguin Party, Diamond Islands 2, Brain Tester 24 Pack: Vol 2, Jungle Twister Puzzle Expedition, Funfair Games 12-Pack, American Pie: Naked Run, Bikini Jump, Chocolate Shop Frenzy, No Limit Casino 12 Pack, Cafe Hangman, Mini Golf Magic, Cafe Dominoes, Cafe Blackjack, Supermodel Empire, Bumper Car City, 3D Mini Golf: Las Vegas, Table Football, Rollercoaster Rush 3D, Rock City Empire, Santa’s Tower Bloxx 3D, War Hero 1944, WordJong, Mini Golf: Castles (2D), Racing Fever GT (2D), Johnny Crash Stuntman Does Texas, Scarlotti’s Mafia Wars 2, Bubble Ducky, Amoebas, …

3D Brick Breaker Revolution 2 (90%), Mini Golf Challenge: 99 Holes (85%), Crazy Penguin Party (86%), Party Island Solitaire 16 Pack (86%), Diamond Islands 2(86%), Mafia Wars New York (86%), Dschungelfieber (89%), 3D Brick Breaker Revolution (89%), Der verrückte Schokoladen (85%), Cafe Games: Hangman(85%), Cafe Games: Mahjong (86%), Mein Tiergeschäft (88%), Fensterputzing Extreme (85%), Cafe Games: Sudoku (86%), Kamikaze Robots (85%), Supermodel Empire (85%), Cafe Games: Solitaire (86%), Tornado Mania! 3D (90%), Crazy Penguin Catapult (88%), Brick Breaker Revolution (87%), Strip Club Manager (87%), Pyramid Bloxx (86%), Rollercoaster Rush 3D(86%), Rock City Empire (89%), Tornado Mania! (88%), Mini Golf Magic (86%), Mafia Wars: Yakuza (85%), Brain Juice (85%), Absolute Minesweeper (85%), Nightclub Empire (89%), Mini Golf Las Vegas 3D (85%), Tower Bloxx (87%), Fantasy Warrior 2: Good (86%), Fantasy Warrior 2: Evil (86%), …

Jungle Twister: Puzzle Expedition, Crazy Window Cleaners, Fantasy Warrior 2 (Good/Evil), Pitfall?: The lost Expedition?, …

Digital Chocolate latest mobile game reviews

Game sums

Year Average rating Graph
2008 76%
2007 78%
2006 74%
2005 72%
2004 75%
2003 54%

Game reviews

Game name Date Rating Source and link
Brick & Bubble Revolution 2011-07-27 70% PocketGamer
Skydiving Challenge 2011-06-16 60% PocketGamer
Crazy Penguin Assault 2011-06-13 60% PocketGamer
Turtle Dash 2011-05-17 50% PocketGamer
Millionaire City 2011-04-05 60% PocketGamer
Zombie Rabbit Hunter 2011-03-28 80% PocketGamer
Off the Hook Fishing 2 2011-03-17 60% PocketGamer
Flower Shop Star 2011-01-12 60% PocketGamer
Solitaire & Sudoku Deluxe 2010-12-28 70% PocketGamer
3D Rollercoaster Rush Underground 2010-12-21 80% PocketGamer
Star Invasion 2010-11-20 70% PocketGamer
Tower Bloxx: My City 2010-11-19 60% PocketGamer
Red Bull Moto Cross 2010-10-27 60% PocketGamer
3D Minigolf World Tour 2010-08-29 60% PocketGamer
Snake Reloaded 2010-08-18 61% MobileGameFaqs

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