Free Mobile Java Games: Call of Duty 4

Call of Duty 4

by Glu

You will play as a member of SAS and US Marine forces who must figure out the source of an ultra-nationalist uprising in the Middle East. Use authentic weapons such as rocket launchers and assault rifles to help your squad achieve success. Chaos and destruction will pave your path!





Game data

Basic information

Genre: Action battle
Platform: J2ME

Game developer

Name: Glu
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Contact information

Official name: I-Play
Country: U.S.A.

Java supported mobile games from I-Play

  • Big Kahuna Reef
  • Urban Golf
  • Good Fellas
  • PMGA Minigolf
  • Boulder Dash 2
  • My Dog
  • The Fast and The Furious 3 3D
  • The Fast and The Furious 3
  • The Da Vinci Code 3D
  • The DaVinci Code – The Quest Begins
  • Motocross 2 Freestyle
  • The Da Vinci Code – Light Puzzle
  • Golf Pro Contest 2
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  • Pixudoku
  • 24 hodin
  • Torino 2006
  • Conflict Global Storm
  • Total Overdose
  • Lock n Load 2D
  • Metal Racers – Quad Bikes
  • Skipping Stone
  • American Racing 3D
  • Guinness World Records
  • Carmageddon
  • Generals Alien Colony
  • Maria Sharapova Tennis
  • Nate Adams Motocross
  • Jewel Quest
  • 3D Pool
  • Conflict Desert Storm
  • 2 Fast 2 Furious
  • Colin McRae Rally 2005
  • Treasure Quest 3D
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  • Heli Attack 2
  • Golf PRO Contest
  • Fatal Arena
  • Rally PRO Contest
  • Lock n Load
  • Viking Winter Games
  • Conflict Vietnam
  • Mercenaries 2: World In Flames
  • Moto GP 2008
  • Fast and Furious Streets 3D
  • Wanted
  • World Championship Pool 2009 3D

I-Play mobile games

Mobile games by I-Play

Big Kahuna Reef

Urban Golf

Good Fellas

Full list of I-Play games available in the list of Java games on the upper side of this page

I-Play awards

The Fast And The Furious: Streets 3D , …

Jenga: Mobile , …

Moto GP 2008 , FIA World Rally Championship 3D, …

Dream Day Wedding 2: Manhattan, Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery of the Mummy, Metal Slug Mobile 4, Dream Day Wedding, Super Jewel Quest, My Happy Planet, Turbo Pizza, 2-4-1 Jewel Quest Solitaire & Super Mahjong Quest, The Weakest Link 2008, Magic Match, Sexy Pillowfight, 4 Wheel Xtreme 3D, Goodfellas, The Da Vinci Code: Light Puzzle, The Weakest Link Second Edition, Boulder Dash M.E.

Java Based Games for Mobile: Stress Buster

Stress Buster

by AMA

AMA Stress Buster allows you to track your daily stress level and offers advice that you can use to solve the issues. You can even get specific advice per category of challenges: Diet, Health, State of Mind, Work and Personal Life. All this will be presented to you by our very own, very charming therapist, Veronica. For a quick ?to do list?

Java game: Spore


by EA Mobile

It’s Eat-or-be-Eaten with SPORE! Guide your creature through its early evolution and shape its destiny. Devour smaller creatures, explore primordial worlds, and avoid larger life forms. Grow your creature into a complex predator as you rise through 18 interactive levels. Customize your creature, increasing offense, defense, perception and movement. Take on friends by fighting online in Arena mode.




Game data

Basic information

Genre: Arcade
Platform: J2ME

Game developer

Name: EA Mobile
More info about developer





Glu is a leading global publisher of java online mobile games.


Contact information

Official name: Glu
Former name: Glu Mobile
Country: U.S.A.

Java games from Glu

  • Shadowalker
  • Medieval Total War Mobile
  • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? 3rd Edition
  • Asteroids
  • Silent Hill
  • Age of Empires III Mobile
  • Sonic Jump
  • Tom and Jerry Pinball Pursuit
  • Call of Duty 4
  • Speed Racer
  • The Dark Knight
  • Silent Hill Mobile 2
  • Afterworld: Global Contact
  • Space Monkey
  • AMF Bowling Deluxe 3D
  • Meine Sushi Bar
  • Virtua Fighter Mobile
  • Casper: Midnight Mansion
  • Pro Evolution Soccer 2009
  • Call of Duty World at War
  • Samurai Jack Samurai Showdown
  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year
  • Quantum of Solace: The Game
  • Quantum Of Solace

Glu mobile games

Mobile games by Glu


Medieval Total War Mobile

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

mgXML for media partners

Here are the mgXML definitions.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<MobileGameDB version="0.1">
	<name lang="all">Slide-a-lama</name>
	<developer>Redboss Games</developer>
    <description lang="cs">Proste slide-a-lama</description>
    <category lang="en">Arcade</category>
        <feature name="Higuhscore upload" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Highscore download" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Level download" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Level upload" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Multiplayer" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Multiplayer GPRS" value="yes"/>
        <feature name="Play online" value="yes"/>

         <screenshot type="splash" width="128" height="128" url="http://" lang="cs" />
         <screenshot type="menu" width="128" height="128" url="http://" lang="cs" />
         <screenshot type="game" width="128" height="128" url="http://" lang="cs" />

         <link type="review" url="http://" lang="en" />

        <group name="nokie">
         <phone vendor="Nokia" model="6230i"/>
         <phone vendor="Nokia" model="6230i"/>
         <phone vendor="Nokia" model="6230i"/>
         <phone vendor="Nokia" model="6230i"/>

    <channel name="InMobil" url="http://" lang="cs" country="CZ" price="79" currency="CZK" type="agregator" />

Java game: Prison Break

Prison Break

by Vivendi Games Mobile

Based on the hit Fox TV show, Prison Break, the mobile game is an action-adventure challenge that takes place in the Fox River prison. Players will embody the most famous captive from the TV show, Michael Scofield, to help him and his brother make their way to freedom. The game incorporates all the winning TV show elements, including the original plot and characters.


mgXML definitions

mgXML a XML scheme to transfer information about mobile games to and from media, providers, developers, and distributors. The goal of mgXML standard is to push to the market and become a market standard for mobile games.

Links to mgXML examples

DevelopersmgXML for the use of mobile game developers
ProvidersmgXML for the use of mobile game providers and operators
MediamgXML for the use of mobile game media


Under these links, you can find example XML schemes for developers and providers, which you can create and import to,…