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This is the database of Action Battle mobile games mobile games - Java games and Symbian games on mobile phones. We try to maximize the possibilities for mobile phones and create standards.

Game nameGame developerLaunch dateMore info
Prince of Persia HDGameloft2008-10view info >
Tomb Raider UnderworldEA Mobile2008-10view info >
Star Wars: Clone WarsTHQ Wireless2008-10view info >
Quantum Of SolaceGlu2008-10view info >
Mission R.I.P.Dynamic Pixels2008-10view info >
RAWPixalon Studios2008-10view info >
Quantum of Solace: The GameGlu2008-10view info >
Samurai Jack Samurai ShowdownGlu2008-10view info >
Call of Duty World at WarGlu2008-10view info >
LEGO Batman: The Mobile GameCobraMobile2008-10view info >
Metal Gear Ac!d MobileKonami2008-10view info >
Far Cry 2Gameloft2008-10view info >
WizardsDisney Mobile Studios2008-10view info >
Saints Row 2THQ Wireless2008-10view info >
Prince of PersiaGameloft2008-10view info >
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [iPhone]THQ Wireless2008-10view info >
Car Jack StreetTag Games2008-10view info >
Death ZoneInlogic2008-10view info >
Virtua Fighter MobileGlu2008-09view info >
Heroes of War: Sand StormQPlaze2008-09view info >
Hellboy MobileKonami2008-08view info >
Warriors Of FateCapcom2007-01view info >
WantedI-Play2008-06view info >
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed NG 2.0THQ Wireless2008-09view info >
Gladiator The Mobile GameFishlabs2008-09view info >
Star Wars: The Force UnleashedTHQ Wireless2008-09view info >
Chuck Norris: Bring on the PainGameloft2008-08view info >
The Dark KnightGlu2008-07view info >
Journey To The Center of the Earth 3DIG Fun2008-07view info >
Aces of the LuftwafeHandyGames2008-07view info >
Soul of DarknessGameloft2008-06view info >
Prison BreakVivendi Games Mobile2008-06view info >
The Incredible HulkHands-On2008-06view info >
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullTHQ Wireless2008-05view info >
Mercenaries 2: World In FlamesI-Play2008-04view info >
Brothers in Arms: Art of WarGameloft2008-03view info >
Assassin's Creed HDGameloft2008-06view info >
Assasin's CreedGameloft2007-11view info >
Call of Duty 4Glu2008-05view info >
Medal Of Honor AirborneEA Mobile2008-01view info >
MACH Air CombatVivendi Games Mobile2008-01view info >
SWAT ForceVivendi Games Mobile2008-01view info >
Scarlottis Mafia Wars 2Digital Chocolate2008-01view info >
ShadowalkerGlu2008-01view info >
The Bourne UltimatumVivendi Games Mobile2008-01view info >
Spyro Eternal NightVivendi Games Mobile2008-01view info >
Urban AttackVivendi Games Mobile2008-01view info >
Worms 2007THQ Wireless2008-01view info >
Star Wars Battle Above CoruscantTHQ Wireless2008-01view info >
The Star Wars Empire Strikes BackTHQ Wireless2008-01view info >
The Star Wars Empire Strikes BackTHQ Wireless2008-01view info >
Worms 2 for 1 PackTHQ Wireless2008-01view info >
Worms 2 for 1 PackTHQ Wireless2008-01view info >
Urban AttackVivendi Games Mobile2007-11view info >
Rise of Lost EmpiresGameloft2007-09view info >
Beowulf: The Mobile GameGameloft2007-11view info >
HeroesGameloft2008-01view info >
American GangsterGameloft2007-12view info >
Assassin's CreedGameloft2008-01view info >
PipexInlogicview info >
FishoInlogicview info >
AirStrikeRedboss Gamesview info >
Everything ExplodesEidosview info >
BeachWarsRedboss Gamesview info >
Go To HellEidosview info >
Yellow SubmarineInlogicview info >
Bluetooth BeachWarsRedboss Gamesview info >
AAFlakHandyGamesview info >
Aces Of 1916HandyGamesview info >
Atlantis 2097HandyGamesview info >
ExMassRedboss Gamesview info >
Alien Attack FMFunmobileview info >
Combat FightingFunmobileview info >
Duke NukemOjomview info >
SnowWarInlogicview info >
Aliens vs PredatorTMElite Systemsview info >
AIMSIECOMview info >
360 Fighting FalconLunagamesview info >
Apocalypse 3000Ojomview info >
DenarisOjomview info >
eXodusInlogicview info >
PaintballRedboss Gamesview info >
Judge DreddFinesse Mobileview info >
Attack Of The Killer VirusOjomview info >
Lock n LoadI-Playview info >
Fatal ArenaI-Playview info >
Heli Attack 2I-Playview info >
Martial Arts 3DI-Playview info >
Treasure Quest 3DI-Playview info >
MosquitosOjomview info >
River Storm 3DQubic Gamesview info >
Battle Of Empires 2Funmobileview info >
Empire CounterattackFunmobileview info >
Space WarriorFunmobileview info >
Aim RobotsRedboss Gamesview info >
Conflict Desert StormI-Playview info >
Ion HawkIn-Fusioview info >
Generals Alien ColonyI-Playview info >
The TerminatorIn-Fusioview info >
Burning FistsFunmobileview info >
KO Kickboxing 2Funmobileview info >
Apache WarriorHandyGamesview info >
iRobotIn-Fusioview info >
Monsters ParadiseFunmobileview info >
Shado FighterIn-Fusioview info >
Die HardIn-Fusioview info >
Delta CorpsBreakPointview info >
PiratesME Europeview info >
W CorporationsBreakPointview info >
Rogue LordsBreakPointview info >
Pirates AhoyHandyGamesview info >
3D Alpha ZoneME Europeview info >
Cannon FodderFinesse Mobileview info >
Red Out RacerIn-Fusioview info >
Rambo On FireIn-Fusioview info >
Lock n Load 2DI-Playview info >
Total OverdoseI-Playview info >
Bloody GhostLunagamesview info >
NAIL - 3D CombatLunagamesview info >
Conflict Global StormI-Playview info >
Apache MissionTequila Mobileview info >
Fatal FistInlogicview info >
Codename HavocBreakPointview info >
24 hodinI-Playview info >
Black OpsMobilityZoneview info >
Battlestar GalacticaIn-Fusioview info >
Bruce LeeIG Funview info >
Blazing FistsEidosview info >
Shaun Of The DeadOjomview info >
The Scorpion KingIG Funview info >
Serenity RenegadesIG Funview info >
The DaVinci Code - The Quest BeginsI-Playview info >
GalatronRedboss Gamesview info >
D N DMobileAllianceview info >
Blind FuryHerocraftview info >
Top Guy - GovernatorHerocraftview info >
Governator - Unleashed PowerHerocraftview info >
CatapultsExitGamesview info >
Robot Alliance 3DExitGamesview info >
Double Dragon EXElite Systemsview info >
Black SharkHerocraftview info >
Good FellasI-Playview info >
Black Hawk DownVivendi Games Mobileview info >
Red BaronVivendi Games Mobileview info >
F16 Air FighterIn-Fusioview info >
Dead WaterTag Gamesview info >
Bulldozer IncHandyGamesview info >
CyberBloodRovioview info >
Darkest FearRovioview info >
Paid to KillRovioview info >
War Diary - TorpedoRovioview info >
UFO AftershockRedboss Gamesview info >
3D Bruce Lee - Iron FistIG Funview info >
BiocideQubic Gamesview info >
EragonVivendi Games Mobileview info >
Kamikaze 2Herocraftview info >
Enigma Force - The RegimentFinesse Mobileview info >
Swords Of FuryME Europeview info >
Urban CombatFugumobileview info >
Academy Of MafiaKitmakerview info >
Medal of Honor(TM)EA Mobileview info >
Worms 2006THQ Wirelessview info >
PaintballRedboss Gamesview info >

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