Action Battle mobile games

Action Battle mobile games mobile games, Java games, Symbian games

This is the database of Action Battle mobile games mobile games – Java supported mobile games and Symbian games on mobile phones. We try to maximize the possibilities for mobile phones and create standards.

Game name Game developer
Prince of Persia HD Gameloft
Tomb Raider Underworld EA Mobile
Star Wars: Clone Wars THQ Wireless
Quantum Of Solace Glu
Mission R.I.P. Dynamic Pixels
RAW Pixalon Studios
Quantum of Solace: The Game Glu
Samurai Jack Samurai Showdown Glu
Call of Duty World at War Glu
LEGO Batman: The Mobile Game CobraMobile
Metal Gear Ac!d Mobile Konami
Far Cry 2 Gameloft
Wizards Disney Mobile Studios
Saints Row 2 THQ Wireless
Prince of Persia Gameloft
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed [iPhone] THQ Wireless
Car Jack Street Tag Games
Death Zone Inlogic
Virtua Fighter Mobile Glu
Heroes of War: Sand Storm QPlaze
Hellboy Mobile Konami
Warriors Of Fate Capcom
Wanted I-Play
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed NG 2.0 THQ Wireless
Gladiator The Mobile Game Fishlabs
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed THQ Wireless
Chuck Norris: Bring on the Pain Gameloft
The Dark Knight Glu
Journey To The Center of the Earth 3D IG Fun
Aces of the Luftwafe HandyGames
Soul of Darkness Gameloft
Prison Break Vivendi Games Mobile
The Incredible Hulk Hands-On
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull THQ Wireless
Mercenaries 2: World In Flames I-Play
Brothers in Arms: Art of War Gameloft
Assassin’s Creed HD Gameloft
Assasin’s Creed Gameloft
Call of Duty 4 Glu
Medal Of Honor Airborne EA Mobile
MACH Air Combat Vivendi Games Mobile
SWAT Force Vivendi Games Mobile
Scarlottis Mafia Wars 2 Digital Chocolate
Shadowalker Glu
The Bourne Ultimatum Vivendi Games Mobile
Spyro Eternal Night Vivendi Games Mobile
Urban Attack Vivendi Games Mobile
Worms 2007 THQ Wireless
Star Wars Battle Above Coruscant THQ Wireless
The Star Wars Empire Strikes Back THQ Wireless
The Star Wars Empire Strikes Back THQ Wireless
Worms 2 for 1 Pack THQ Wireless
Worms 2 for 1 Pack THQ Wireless
Urban Attack Vivendi Games Mobile
Rise of Lost Empires Gameloft
Beowulf: The Mobile Game Gameloft
Heroes Gameloft
American Gangster Gameloft
Assassin’s Creed Gameloft
Pipex Inlogic
Fisho Inlogic
AirStrike Redboss Games
Everything Explodes Eidos
BeachWars Redboss Games
Go To Hell Eidos
Yellow Submarine Inlogic
Bluetooth BeachWars Redboss Games
AAFlak HandyGames
Aces Of 1916 HandyGames
Atlantis 2097 HandyGames
ExMass Redboss Games
Alien Attack FM Funmobile
Combat Fighting Funmobile
Duke Nukem Ojom
SnowWar Inlogic
Aliens vs PredatorTM Elite Systems
360 Fighting Falcon Lunagames
Apocalypse 3000 Ojom
Denaris Ojom
eXodus Inlogi
Paintball Redboss Games
Judge Dredd Finesse Mobile
Attack Of The Killer Virus Ojom
Lock n Load I-Play
Fatal Arena I-Play
Heli Attack 2 I-Play
Martial Arts 3D I-Play
Treasure Quest 3D I-Play
Mosquitos Ojom
River Storm 3D Qubic Games
Battle Of Empires 2 Funmobile
Empire Counterattack Funmobile
Space Warrior Funmobile
Aim Robots Redboss Games
Conflict Desert Storm I-Play
Ion Hawk In-Fusio
Generals Alien Colony I-Play
The Terminator In-Fus
Burning Fists Funmobile
KO Kickboxing 2 Funmobile
Apache Warrior HandyGames
iRobot In-Fusio
Monsters Paradise Funmobile
Shado Fighter In-Fusio
Die Hard In-Fusi
Delta Corps BreakPoint
Pirates ME Europe
W Corporations BreakPoint
Rogue Lords BreakPoint
Pirates Ahoy HandyGames
3D Alpha Zone ME Europe
Cannon Fodder Finesse Mobile
Red Out Racer In-Fusio
Rambo On Fire In-Fusio
Lock n Load 2D I-Play
Total Overdose I-Play
Bloody Ghost Lunagames
NAIL – 3D Combat Lunagames
Conflict Global Storm I-Play
Apache Mission Tequila Mobile
Fatal Fist Inlogic
Codename Havoc BreakPoint
24 hodin I-Play
Black Ops MobilityZone
Battlestar Galactica In-Fusio
Bruce Lee IG Fun
Blazing Fists Eidos
Shaun Of The Dead Ojom
The Scorpion King IG Fun
Serenity Renegades IG Fun
The DaVinci Code – The Quest Begins I-Play
Galatron Redboss Games
D N D MobileAlliance
Blind Fury Herocraft
Top Guy – Governator Herocraft
Governator – Unleashed Power Herocraft
Catapults ExitGames
Robot Alliance 3D ExitGames
Double Dragon EX Elite Systems
Black Shark Herocraft
Good Fellas I-Play
Black Hawk Down Vivendi Games Mobile
Red Baron Vivendi Games Mobile
F16 Air Fighter In-Fusio
Dead Water Tag Games
Bulldozer Inc HandyGames
CyberBlood Rovi
Darkest Fear Rovio
Paid to Kill Rovio
War Diary – Torpedo Rovio
UFO Aftershock Redboss Games
3D Bruce Lee – Iron Fist IG Fu
Biocide Qubic Games
Eragon Vivendi Games Mobile
Kamikaze 2 Herocraft
Enigma Force – The Regiment Finesse Mobile
Swords Of Fury ME Europe
Urban Combat Fugumobile
Academy Of Mafia Kitmaker
Medal of Honor(TM) EA Mobile
Worms 2006 THQ Wireless
Paintball Redboss Games