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Country: U.S.A.

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THQ Wireless awards

PocketGamer Award
Worms 2008: A Space Oddity, Worms Forts 3D, MotoGP 2, ...

PocketGamer Award
LEGO Indiana Jones, Saints Row 2, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, Prehistoric Tribes, 2-4-1 Stuntman Ignition and Juiced: Eliminator, Destroy All Humans! Crypto Does Vegas, Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back, WWE SmackDown vs Raw 2008, Stuntman Ignition, Puzzle Mania 2, MotoGP 3, LEGO Star Wars, Ministry of Sound: Club Manager, Warhammer 40,000 Space Hulk, ...

PocketGamer Award
Chop Sushi, WWE 2009, Playboy Games: Pool Party, Sun Pub Sports, WALL-E, Fruitfall, MX vs ATV Untamed, Snood Blaster, Prehistoric Fun Park, MotoGP 2007, 3D Juiced: Eliminator, Worms Crazy Golf, Lego Star Wars II, Star Wars: Death Star Assault, Company of Heroes, Siege, 3D Marble Madness, Full Spectrum Warrior, Star Wars Battle Above Coruscant, Top Trumps: Star Wars, Juiced, ...

Airgamer Award
Super Fruitfall (85%), Worms 2008 (85%), Puzzle Quest - Warlords (93%), MotoGP 07 (87%), Stuntman Ignition (86%), MotoGP Manager (85%), MotoGP 3 (88%), MotoGP 2 (87%), ...

Midlet-review Award
Puzzle Quest - Warlords, ...MobilGamer Award
Star Wars: Unleashed [N-Gage 2.0], ...

THQ Wireless latest mobile game reviews

Game sums

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Game reviews

Game nameDateRatingSource and link
Crazy Quest Express2011-07-0730%PocketGamer
Sprint Escape2011-06-2860%PocketGamer
Hertz Smasher2011-06-2850%PocketGamer
Raw or Roasted2011-04-0850%PocketGamer
Tribia: Prehistoric Tribes2011-03-3150%PocketGamer
Playboy Casino2011-01-2070%PocketGamer
Grand Championship Rally2010-12-0640%PocketGamer
DreamWorks Megamind2010-11-2450%PocketGamer
Meteor Cafe2010-10-2970%PocketGamer
Top Hits: 8 in 1 Solitaire2010-10-0750%PocketGamer
Kung Fu Infinity2010-09-2150%PocketGamer
Top Hits: Blackjack2010-08-1760%PocketGamer
Star Wars Cantina2010-06-1170%PocketGamer
Star Wars: Trench Run2009-12-2155%AirGamer
Jedi Mind Tricks2009-11-2570%PocketGamer

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