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Official name: HandyGames
Country: Germany
WWW: www.handy-games.com/public/index.php

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HandyGames awards

NeXt Award - GOLD
Gothic 3: The Beginning , ...

NeXt Award - SILVER
Aces Of The Luftwaffe , Dynamite Fishing , ...

PocketGamer Award
Crazy Hospital, Townsmen Racing, Townsmen 2 Gold, ...

PocketGamer Award
Red Bull Flugtag, Aces of the Luftwaffe 2, Dynamite Fishing, Park or Die, Army of Heroes, Space Guerillas, Amy's Adventure, Flitzer, Sexy Puzzle 2, ...

PocketGamer Award
Hamster Homie, Bridge Bloxx 2, The Great Bible Game, AD 1066 – William the Conqueror, Sexy Twins, Little Firefighter, My Model Train 2 - Winter Edition, Anarchy 2087, Sturmtrupp Mars: Operation Roasted Bugs, Townsmen 4, Funky Monkey, Glory Of The Roman Empire, Classic Memory, Horse and Pony: My Stud Farm, Dr. Simon's BrainTrainer, Bulldozer Inc., Porn Manager, Townsmen 3, ...

Airgamer Award
Townsmen 6 (87%), Kleiner Feuerwehrmann (85%), Panzer Tactics 2 (85%), Die Ägypter (85%), Dynamite Fishing (90%), Townsmen 5 (85%), Gothic 3: The Beginning (87%), Panzer Tactics (85%), Townsmen 4 (87%), Porn Manager (88%), Adventure Boy in Zooloo Land (85%), Spellboys (86%), Townsmen 3 (86%), ...

Midlet-review Award
Townsmen 3, Townsmen 2, ...

HandyGames latest mobile game reviews

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Game reviews

Game nameDateRatingSource and link
Romans and Barbarians Gold2011-03-2960%PocketGamer
The Egyptians Gold2011-03-2560%PocketGamer
Cyberlords: Arcology2011-01-2460%PocketGamer
Aporkalypse: Pigs of Doom2011-01-0470%PocketGamer
Gish Reloaded2010-12-1680%PocketGamer
Porn Tycoon 2010-10-1570%PocketGamer
Casino Crime2010-09-2970%PocketGamer
Red Bull Flugtag2010-09-2260%PocketGamer
Farm Invasion USA2010-09-1670%PocketGamer
Hot Rod Hell2010-08-2620%PocketGamer
Hamster Homie2010-08-1260%PocketGamer
Shark or Die2010-07-2780%PocketGamer
IQ Knights2010-06-3070%PocketGamer

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